There are many activities and situations that can arise in the workplace, the environment and even an organisation’s bottom line. By building virtual scenarios in advance, the chances of things going wrong can be mitigated.

Consider a dangerous work location, by making a virtual recreation of the situation, the staff can prepare themselves and the people for every unique circumstance. Consider working at a great height, because VR glasses are capable of displaying stereoscopic 3D video, a simulation can be made with the experience of being on a tall building.

The stereoscopic capabilities of kiosk mode for vr headset can trigger the fear and feeling of being high up, allowing the user to better manage and understand what could go wrong.

This application also extends to PR and financial risk management, marketing blunders can easily be prevented by developing virtual scenarios in advance. A campaign may seem good on paper, but in practice, it could turn out to be completely wrong or misguided, through building simulations with focus groups using VR, it can help remove possible risks far in advance.