When you welcome visitors, customers or potential clients at any event you will need to offer them something new. This could be information, entertainment or even overcoming fears with VR.

Virtual reality offers you the ability to engage with your audience in a completely new way and  Here are six reasons why you need VR for your next event.

1. Take control of the experience

At an event there are many distractions, there’s something new to be discovered in any direction. By using virtual reality gear you can place the visitor in your own personal space, and take control over the experience. You can guide the user, or let them operate a VR Kiosk allowing for controlled interaction. Lead your guests through the sales funnel, or convert a lead to a customer. Whatever your goal is, the control is in your hands.

2. Create a ‘booth bubble’

Event halls and other venues are created for versatility, but often lack style. If you have a booth at an event with numerous participants you need your location to stand out. Using VR headsets is a fun addition, but you can go beyond offering a virtual reality presentation.

Create a seamless experience where reality and virtuality work in conjunction to seduce the visitors. Dress representatives in lab coats and invite people for an ‘experiment’, or create a jungle to showcase adventurous holidays. Create a unique ‘Bubble’ for visitors to enter.

3. Offer customized presentations

Showing the same brochure, video or PowerPoint presentation to all participants forces you to aim for the most common denominator. No one is a ‘standard’ person. By offering customized presentations and experiences you will grasp the attention of every person that visits your event.

However, this doesn’t mean more work for the staff if you use a VR Kiosk that allows the user to select their own personal experience. For instance offer a travel video selection with the option for skiing in the mountains or relaxing on a warm beach in the sun.

4. Create a larger canvas

In real life more square meters means a larger investment. In virtual reality space is infinite and virtually free. Your audience can travel through time and space just by wearing a VR headset while sitting stationary in a chair.

There are also ‘room scale’ VR events that allow the user to move, even then the virtual space can go far beyond the restrictions of the location.

5. Share the experience beyond the event

Creating custom VR content such as 360 video can be expensive, however you’re not limited to the event and the visitors. For instance, you can give a Cardboard smartphone holder (with your company logo of course) with a link to the 360 video or app for personal use. This allows the visitors at the event to relive the experience at home.

Even more so, they will become your ambassadors while showing your presentation to friends, family and colleagues. You can even create a supplementary VR experience for home use that ties in to the event.

6. Make it part of your current campaign

Virtual reality and real life are actually very close to each other. Although it’s possible to create a virtual campaign from scratch, often the new content will be based on an existing concept or goal.

This will allow for a cross-media campaign that will reach a wider audience and engage your audience more. Show a participant a 360 video of an actual museum in a VR Kiosk mode and give them a coupon for this location. Or a real-life spinning wheel at an event that awards prizes and/or a trip to a special presentation in the VR Kiosk. There are numerous ways to make virtual reality part of your campaign.

These are only six reasons for VR at your next event. Need more inspiration? Ask the experts and create a custom experience at your next event.

5. Lenovo Mirage

Last but not least is the Lenovo Mirage, that offers a sharp image quality with a 2560×1440 resolution. The quality can be compared to the Oculus Go, this device is a bit easier to configure which makes it more suitable for kiosk applications.

However, the purchase price is considerably higher compared to the Oculus Go because of the better movement tracking. Unfortunately that particular function is not used for 360 video.

As you can see there are plenty of options for a headset with 360 degree video kiosk mode, contact your supplier for more information.