How to Enable Kiosk Mode for Look & Play

In this article we’ll cover how to enable Kiosk mode for Look & Play.

The Kiosk Mode for Look & Play prevents users from going outside the Look & Play application and go browsing through the headset, and will start the application when the headset boots up.

Equipment required:

  • Your VR device(s).
  • A USB cable for the headset(s) in question.
  • A Windows 10 PC.

Step 1. Download the Kiosk Mode

Make sure you have Look & Play installed on your device(s). Download the Kiosk Mode archive from the buttons below for the appropriate platform:

Step 2. Install the Kiosk Mode

Connect your device to the computer with a proper USB cable and make sure you have developer mode enabled for your device(s).

  • For Oculus Go click here and scroll down to Enable Developer Mode.
  • For Pico click here.
  • For Android it’s best to search your devices name and add “how to enable developer mode” in Google.

Unzip the archive downloaded in the previous step and, with the device connected and in developer mode, double click the install appforcer.bat file. When the opened window prompt shows success you can close the window and the Kiosk Mode is installed!

Step 3. Using the Kiosk Mode

With the Kiosk Mode installed you can restart the device. Once a device starts you have approximately 20 seconds before the Kiosk Mode starts the application. To pause and start the Kiosk Mode you have to press the volume buttons alternating up and down three times (six total). Note that the volume cannot be zero or max for this to work. In the Look & Play settings menu is also an option to pause and unpause the Kiosk Mode!