Preparing and loading your content

In this article we’ll cover how to prepare and load your content.

Equipment needed: Your device, a PC and a USB cable.

  1. Connect your device to your PC with a USB cable.
  2. Put on your device to give your PC permission to connect. For Android use your phone to give permission.
  3. Open the Internal Shared Storage of your device on the PC.
  4. Create a folder inside the Internal Shared Storage and name it ‘VREvent’.
  5. Copy your content to the ‘VREvent’ folder.

Branding (optional)

You can also add a custom background, logo and icon to the folder.

  1. Background: Add 360 photos as background in each of the folders. Add an image file (PNG, JPG) to the desired folder in the VREvent folder and name it background for mono images. For stereo images name it:  background_tb for top bottom and background_lr for left right.
  2. Logo: Add a logo that’s displayed above all the video’s in the menus. Place an image named Logo in the desired folder in the VREvent folder
  3. Icon: Add custom image attached to it. Place an image with the same name as the video or folder and add _icon. For example my video_icon_.png.

Make sure you add the right suffix to display the content correctly. The recommended resolution for videos and images is 3840 x 1920 or any 16:9 aspect. Look & Play only supports the mp4 video format. To load specific content the name of the file has to be changed:

For stereoscopic videos and images add:

  • _TB for top bottom stereo (e.g. ExampleVideo_TB.mp4)
  • _LR for left right stereo (e.g. ExampleVideo_LR.mp4)

For equiangular (YouTube VR) videos add:

  • _EAC for mono equiangular
  • _EAC_LR or _EAC_TB for stereo equiangular

For 2D videos add:

  • _2d for 2d flat videos. E.g.: my_video_2d.mp4

You can also place subfolders in the VREvent folder. There is a limit of 20 files per folder (videos, images and subfolders in total).

Setting Audio

To add spatial audio (.tbe), give the file the same name as the video for which you want to use the audio. For example, “VR Owl Video.mp4” and “VR Owl Video.tbe”.