At a tradeshow the exhibitor is limited to the confines of a booth or a room. You can dress up any location, but the limitations of the floor space remain. With VR you can place guests in any location of any size. In particular 360 video is a convenient medium to present a wide selection of topics to any audience using Oculus GO Kiosk mode. Here are five great examples to tickle your imagination.

1. Surprise visit!

Although the main attraction of virtual reality apps is showcasing new experiences, it can also limit the information the user is able to view. This can be used to great advantage, Samsung provided the audience with Gear VR headsets to show an exciting 360 video. But while the audience was immersed in VR, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg walked out onto the stage.

No one noticed him walking by, until the members of the press removed their brand new VR headsets. The collaboration between Samsung and Facebook was revealed during this presentation. A couple of years later Facebook would reveal their own Gear VR competitor, the Oculus GO. Using the Oculus GO Kiosk mode it’s easier than ever to show 360 videos at tradeshows and other events.

2. VIP seats for everyone

One particularly interesting implementation of VR technology is synced VR 360 video. Multiple participants can enjoy “the best seat in the house” at any location. Coach used this technology for a fashion show. The entire audience was equipped with VR goggles in order to view a fashion show from multiple perspectives.

Every individual viewer was virtually placed in the front row, with alternating camera angles for a more immersive experience. There was even some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage integrated within the fashion show for a true VIP presentation.

3. Scale the mountains

Is it possible to take 140 guests to snowy mountains in Northern Italy and show them the new winter collection? Sure, and you don’t need to scale a mountain to achieve this. Participants were invited to a rustic village in Italy that provided a comfortable and cozy environment.

Each guest wore a VR headset, using a wireless syncing tool all participants could enjoy a 360 fashion presentation. And yes, the models and camera crew did actually travel to the mountain top in order to record the footage! The virtual cinema was a hit with the attendees, this winter collection presentation by Woolrich was heavily publicized by the press.

4. Take the wheel

You don’t have to be a racecar driver to experience an exhilarating ride in a brand new car. You don’t even need a drivers’ license! Just look into a VR headset and enjoy the ride. Honda invited 1000+ guests at a show in Thailand to drive around a racetrack in a Honda Civic. In order to let the audience take the drivers’ seat without the risk of accidents, each participant received a Google Cardboard VR headset.

In the video a professional driver races at breakneck speed around the track. By placing the camera in the drivers’ seat instead of the passengers’ seat, the experience is both breathtaking and exhilarating. The Cardboard headsets can also be used as an affordable promotional giveaway.

5. Join me on a trip

The tourism industry has faced many challenges lately. Especially tour operators who have seen their customer base dwindle because of internet access. Why ask a tour operator for advice if the answer is just a Google search away? At the German Travel Fair ITB the main attraction is VR technology. Visitors can experience a virtual tour to exotic locations all over the world in a first person perspective.

Instead of viewing flat pictures online, the attendees can look around exotic locales, step into a virtual desert or take a refreshing dive into the ocean. With the Oculus GO Kiosk mode it’s possible for the user to make a selection from a number of videos, this results in a user-friendly experience and less strain on the sales representative. Kiosk mode for VR headsets is also a topic we discussed.