There are many ways to tell a story, virtual reality has provided marketing professionals with new and innovative tools to show products, brands and ideas in an entirely new way. From intricate VR sets to a convenient and user-friendly VR Kiosk, the possibilities are virtually endless. Take a look at these seven awesome examples.

1. Safe boat trip in VR

Riding the waves in a speed boat seems exciting, but dangerous. A good match for Progressive Insurance to attract attention during a boat-themed exhibit. Instead of flooding the event hall with water, they set up several booths equipped with Oculus Rift VR headsets and VR controllers. Visitors were able to race with other attendees in a virtual speedboat. By entering contact information the participants could see their ranking.

2. Do the moonwalk

Artist Michael Jackson might be more famous for his moonwalk then astronaut Neil Armstrong who actually walked on the moon. Samsung and NASA collaborated in an impressive instore installation where visitors could walk on the moon. It wasn’t a real moonwalk obviously, but the carefully designed decor brought an authentic experience to the VR presentation. Not all magic happens in the VR headset!

3. Enjoy your drink

Tequila, you either love it or hate it. But even the heavy drinkers often have no clue on how this alcoholic treat is actually made, or even where it’s made from. Patrón decided to invite a 360 camera crew to film the entire production process from start to finish. This shoot took six months to complete, from growing Agave to opening the bottle. With VR Kiosk mode it would be possible for the viewer to select different stages in the process for a more personalized experience.

4. Try before you fly

Let’s preface this entry by stating that travel brand Thomas Cook is no longer in business and we’re not sure which Virtual Reality Agency developed this app. However, their clever 360 tourism videos are now used by several other tour operators and airlines to sell holidays and plane tickets all over the world. The concept is both simple and ingenious; create beautiful VR 360 videos across the globe and show them to potential travelers in their hometown. The VR Kiosk approach allows the user to choose their favorite holiday destination.


5. Take a hike

Speaking of travelling, Merrell is a brand of hiking boots for the more adventurous traveler. The new Capra boot was introduced using the “Trailscape” experience, a combination between a VR presentation and a set built to match the virtual experience. The participants would actually walk on a raised stage while watching a real mountain in the headset which made the entire experience very realistic. Virtual reality meets actual reality.

6. Bring color to the store

Home renovation is something you need to prepare for. If you don’t know the difference between paint and spackle, you might need to ask a home improvement store employee. Or try plastering a wall in virtual reality and get a feel for the process.

That’s what Lowe’s did with an in-store installation with actual walls and virtual paint. The user wears VR goggles and uses VR controllers to decorate the walls. This hands-on experience goes far beyond color advice and dives deep into the actual process of home decoration.


7. Happy Goggles

McDonald’s knows how to cater to their customers. Not only with burgers and fries, but also with forward thinking promotional concepts. The Google Cardboard smartphone holder is a clever way to turn a smartphone into a VR headset. McDonald’s took their iconic happy meal box and created a cardboard kit that allows the user to watch VR content.

This VR headset uses the famous color scheme this fast food franchise is known for, thereby pushing the promotional advantage beyond VR and into the real world. With VR Kiosk software the user can select from a collection of videos.