“Face Your Fears” is one of the most popular apps for VR consumers. This is a compilation of terrifying scenarios designed to scare the player. Scary games have always scored very well on the various virtual reality platforms.

Virtual reality can be very realistic and it generates the same emotions that are actually experienced in real life. However, terrifying scenes are not only connected to the normal horror film experience, but these fears can also be found in the workplace.

This is one of the major benefits of virtual reality, in virtual reality environments employees can learn to deal with these fears. Sometimes this is even the fear of other colleagues, for example, there are now training courses in which people can learn to deal with threats or insults from colleagues.

Speaking in front of an audience seems easy when it is a trained speaker, but you can immediately tell how challenging and scary it can be when there is a far less experienced person on stage. Especially when using a Kiosk Mode for your Oculus GO.

For this reason, multiple applications have been developed to overcome this fear of public speaking. These apps are also effective for preparing and running presentations in a virtual environment. This can help representatives, keynote speakers and specialists to convey their message clearly and professionally through training in a virtual world.