We’ve updated Look&Play with a much requested feature; Kiosk Mode. This enables even easier showing of your VR & 360 content.

How does Kiosk Mode work?

When enabled your VR device automatically starts up the selected app; Look&Play or your own app. Users can’t exit the application or go into the menus of the VR Device. After a few seconds they are automatically returned to the app.a

How can i enable Kiosk Mode?

For Look&Play simply download the zip file from the website and unzip it. Connect your device and install using the one click installation file. Enabling Kiosk Mode for your own VR app requires one extra step where you place a text file with your app’s Bundle ID. Detailed instructions can be found here.

For which devices does Kiosk Mode work?

The Kiosk mode is available for VR device such as the Oculus GO & PICO devices. The solution works with any VR App from which you can obtain a Bundle ID.

What are the costs of Kiosk Mode?

For users of Look&Play this is completely free. If you want to enable Kiosk mode for your own VR App there is one time fee of 145 euros