What is Kiosk Mode for VR headsets?

Look&Play is a software developed by VR Owl that allows for fast and simple 360 playback. Look&Play is a software that lets you experience 360 video  without having to press any buttons, you just have to use your gaze.

How does Kiosk Mode for VR headsets?

As mentioned before you don’t have to press any buttons while using Look&Play, you only have to use your eyes. For a 360 to start playing you just have to simply look at a icon for  couple of seconds and the video will start playing. Once the video finishes playing you will automatically return to the Look&Play waiting room.


You can easily upload your own 360 to the Look&Play app. You can use Look&Play for the Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR (for the Samsung Gear VR you will need one of these smartphones Note 5, Galaxy S6 or S7) and it is also compatible for Android devices. To start using Look&Play simply just download the app on your device, redeem your code and you are ready to use Look&Play!

What features does Look&Play (Kiosk Mode for vr) offer?

Look&Play offers a number of features that you can use for a Kiosk mode for 360 video. As mentioned before you can upload your own 360 content, add audio and experience an easy 360 playback. You can also add your own custom branding to the Look&Play app, do this by adding a 360 background as well as icons for your 360 videos. Look&Play also offer spatial and stereo audio.