9. Personalised Presentations

If you, the entrepreneur want to give a presentation to a (potential) customer, it helps to add a personal touch, be it in the moment or in advance. Consider, for example, designing a kitchen in a showroom, the shopkeeper can furnish an empty space that has been designed and furnished with VR glasses with kiosk mode according to your wishes.

A kitchen cupboard here, a countertop with a nice colour there and so forth. If someone is able to experience more than just seeing his dream kitchen in a brochure but also the opportunity to look and stand in it, the chance of converting this sale becomes considerably higher.

A personalised presentation does not have to be confined to a physical location, it is possible to offer someone in the Netherlands a VR tour of a holiday home in Spain. If the house has not yet been built, this can be based on digital designs.

Here too, personal elements can be added, for example, pictures on the wall or music choice in the presentation. By sending customers cardboard VR glasses with a link to the presentation, every smartphone can then be used as a VR headset with this personalised experience.


10. Group Presentations

In addition to individual presentations, it is also possible to give large group presentations. Virtual reality headsets offer individual experiences, but also make it possible to design virtual theatres in which several people simultaneously see the same presentation.

In this way, a group presentation can be given in any location at any time, for a scalable audience ranging from only a handful of people to hundreds of participants all at the same time.

To show virtual reality and 360 videos in a group, special software is required in addition to the hardware. It is possible to use a live stream or locally with content already on the devices.

Purchasing VR and using a kiosk mode for vr 360 video  for business purposes can in certain situations make sense, but with larger numbers of people and specific types of events, renting can be more cost-effective for your business. For this reason, get in contact with us to find out what we recommend for your business.